Responsible Scrap Metal Recycling On The Demolition Job Site | Protect The Environment and Land A Large Payout!

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Every year, companies look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and lower the amount of waste they produce. Many of the common appliances we use are constructed out of valuable metals that can fetch a hefty price if it’s in the right condition. When the scrap metal market is high, people will seek out a metal recycling yard to sell off potentially valuable materials. Different types of scrap metal sell for different values, but the ultimate goal is to reduce clutter in landfills and keep demolition sites clean. 


Our team at Fraser Valley Metal Recycling offers year-round recycling services for excess metal. We’ll inspect and take any scrap metal you might have lying around and purchase it for a fair price. For businesses wanting to learn more about scrap metal recycling and keeping demolition sites clean, we’ll break down its main benefits. We’ll also explain how it protects an area’s natural resources and the most prominent metals that can be recycled. 


What Are The Benefits Of Scrap Metal Recycling On Demolition Sites?

If your business operates a demolition site, there are many benefits you can reap from recycling any extra scrap metal.

First, scrap metal recycling will help you save big money and help you take advantage of monetary savings. The extra money going to dump trucks won’t be needed and you’ll avoid having to pay a landfill fee. Money will be saved by reducing all the project disposal and removal costs associated with the business. 

Scrap metal recycling is also more convenient for everyone involved. Rather than dumping waste in a landfill, you can simply have a large container on-site to transport the scrap metal to sell later on. It can take a day or two of adjustments, but this will make the workflow easier and lessen the amount of waste produced. If your business is in the renewable energy industry, recycling scrap metals will also open up more opportunities for potential new hires. 

It shouldn’t be forgotten that by recycling your scrap metal, you also get to gain additional profit if it’s in good condition and the demand is high. Afterwards, you can reinvest that money back into your business or reward your workers for their hard labour. 

This goes into another benefit of recycling scrap metal: building a good reputation. It’s something you just can’t pay for that will lead to more opportunities and long-lasting relationships. If people know your company recycles its waste material and metals, it’ll boost your image within your industry. 

This also improves your public relations to the wide community. If your business can demonstrate that you’re actively recycling waste metal and complying with waste disposal policies, it’ll show that your team is committed to reducing its carbon output in the near future.  


How Does Scrap Metal Recycling Protect Natural Resources?

When you send us your scrap metal to sell and recycle, you’re effectively reducing the amount of waste dumped in landfills and incinerators. This in turn produces far less harmful greenhouse gasses in the air and pollution in the environment. Moreover, recycling existing materials and metals requires much less energy than producing new ones, reducing the need to mine for raw materials. 

Construction and demolition sites that undergo recycling efforts can preserve thousands of acres of land and trees from being cleared for landfill space. It contributes to a safer and healthier environment, free of toxic chemicals and irreversible damages that exacerbate climate change. 

Recycling scrap metal also saves you more money in the long run. It’s expensive to mine and create new metal materials and it takes a lot of energy to dispose of it. It will help your bottom line and cut down material costs, adding significant value to the economy. So not only does recycling protect natural resources, it keeps material costs down overall and adds value to the economy.


What Metals Are Most Prominent On Sites And Can They Be Recycled?

We’ve broken down the many benefits of recycling scrap metal, but which materials are most prevalent on worksites and can be recyclable? It’s actually two very important types of metals that can fetch a high price: steel and copper. 

Steel is commonly used in building structures like warehouses, skyscrapers, apartment buildings, and bridges among others. It’s a very durable metal material that can be recycled and sold for high value. Within demolition sites, you can find recyclable scrap steel in girders, support beams, trusses, pilings, rebars, and conduits. Aluminum can also fall in this category, but feel free to check their prices with us. 

Copper is an extremely valuable metal to sell and recycle. It’s highly demanded in commercial buildings, homes, and warehouses and can retain its strength in any condition. They can be found in a lot of homes and buildings, so look for wires, plumbing tubes, fittings, and valves if you want to get some copper material. 

Scrap metal recycling doesn’t have to be hard. Contact or stop by for a visit with your best materials and we’ll appraise it for a really good price. Recycle your metal with us today to start saving waste. 

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