Get Paid for Your Old Appliances: The Surprising Truth About Scrap Metal Recycling

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Do you have an old appliance or electronic that no longer serves you in your garage? Instead of leaving them sitting there collecting dust, recycle your metal to not only free up some space but also gain extra money! Recycling scrap metal will not only help clear out space but can provide some much-needed funds.

Fraser Valley Metal Recycling is one of the premier scrap metal recycling companies in Abbotsford. By choosing to recycle with us, not only are you helping the environment but you’re making smart financial decisions; recycling more scrap metal leads to increased earnings – plus it keeps harmful emissions out of the air!

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At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, our mission extends far beyond profits. We’re dedicated to ethical and eco-friendly recycling practices as well as participating in charity initiatives that ensure a better future for future generations.

If you need help sorting through which scrap metals in your home qualify for recycling, our experts are here to guide the way. Get in touch with us at 604-746-2855 to discover more about metal recycling in Abbotsford and donate to one of our charitable causes – let’s start scrapping!


What Kind Of Metal Can You Get Money For?

Your home could be hiding an untapped resource: valuable scrap metal waiting to be recycled! Many common household appliances and items such as aluminum (pots and pans), bronze, brass (faucets), steel (sinks, cutlery), copper (pipes or tubes) and tin can all be turned into cash-generating resources for recycling.

At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, we specialize in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling, accepting an assortment of household appliances to industrial equipment and steel cables for recycling. While the price you get for your scrap metal may depend on its type and current market conditions, you can always rely on us to offer the fairest possible price.

Recycling metal has never been easier with our convenient pickup services! Get in touch with us now to discover more on how you can earn cash for recycling metal items and contribute towards protecting the environment!

Which Metal Is Most Valuable When Recycled?

Copper is one of the most valuable metals to scrap, due to its high consistency and malleability. It is also found in a variety of items, such as wiring, plumbing pipes, and old electronics, making it one of the most widely recycled metals. Prices for scrap copper are typically volatile because of market trends, but the grade you have also influences them.

What Are Some Common Metal Objects That Can Be Recycled?

If you have metal appliances lying around that are no longer being used, recycling them for some extra cash might be an idea worth exploring. Here is a list of appliances which make excellent candidates for metal recycling that could fetch you a substantial return in terms of extra income:

Large appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, stoves and fridges make great recyclables. Constructed from thin but strong steel materials that can easily be taken apart and recycled – particularly copper components in refrigerators can make extra money by recycling appliances with copper coils and plumbing components.

Small appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers, blenders, slow cookers and irons can also be recycled responsibly; their complex parts often add significant value. Doing so helps protect against air and water pollution caused by discarding them in landfills.

Common metal items from household life, like bed frames, gates, fences, gutters, saws and roof coverings can all be recycled to generate extra cash while simultaneously helping out the environment. Consider recycling any lingering items to both make money and be good to the earth at once!

What Metal Items Cannot Be Recycled in Your Home?

Importantly, some scrap metal cannot be recycled due to toxins that could endanger both environmental and human health. Examples include items containing mercury like thermostats/fluorescent lights; dirty paint cans; pots and pans contaminated by waste food or mould; aerosol cans filled with liquid; metal syringes, razor blades, propane tanks with possible lead leakage; as well as motor oil cans. 

Are you in Abbotsford and surrounding areas looking to recycle scrap metal safely and responsibly? Look no further! With over four decades of experience in auto recycling, we know all there is to know about recycling appliances and metal items safely. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are always on hand to answer any queries and offer exceptional customer service – contact us now and find out how we can assist with your metal recycling needs!

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