Metal Recycling Is Beneficial To The Environment And The Economy

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Bring your scrap metal to Fraser Metal Recycling yards and receive cash payouts while also helping to avoid the clogging up of landfills. Recycling and repurposing metal can have a significant impact on various industries as it is a material that can be reused endlessly.  As a ferrous metals recycling yard located in Langley, we have extensive experience and knowledge in recycling scrap metal from homes. Instead of disposing of non-functioning appliances or parts in landfills, consider having them recycled. You can also earn extra money by selling excess scrap metal from your home, and we can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Typically, non-ferrous metals are worth more than ferrous metals.

The Importance Of Metal Recycling
Nearly half of North America’s aluminum supply is sourced from recycled aluminum. This is possible because recycling aluminum requires only 5 percent of the energy needed to create it initially. This demonstrates the effectiveness and cost efficiency of recycling aluminum cans. Did you know recycling a single aluminum can save enough energy to power a lightbulb for 20 hours or a computer for 3 hours? Or that using recycled steel reduces air pollution by 86 percent and water pollution by 76 percent, underscoring the importance of recycling. Tin cans decompose in approximately 50 years due to their weaker metal composition, whereas aluminum cans can take up to 200-500 years to decompose, emphasizing the urgency of recycling cans.

Recycling Metal Saves Money
Establishing recycling programs is in the best interest of businesses. It sets a positive example for employees and other companies and reduces an organization’s environmental impact. Recycling has well-known environmental benefits and supports the growth of the scrap metal recycling industry, creating jobs and promoting economic development nationwide. To add to these advantages, recycling can also lead to significant cost savings for both consumers and businesses.

One way recycling can save money is by reducing the cost of manufacturing through the use of recycled scrap metal. By utilizing existing metals brought to recycling centers, companies can benefit from lower manufacturing costs, eliminating the need to mine or manufacture new raw materials. This can result in lower prices for bulk office equipment purchases, providing significant benefits to companies. Partner with Fraser metal Recycling and bring scrap metal for recycling as an excellent way to contribute to lowering the cost of your supplies.

Recycling aluminum and other metals has clear cost benefits because it saves a considerable amount of energy needed to make new products from scratch. By using existing materials, such as melting down an old soup can to make a new one, companies can significantly reduce their manufacturing costs. This is why it’s important for the general public and businesses to buy products made from recycled materials, as thousands of products contain recycled content.

Fraser Valley Metal Recycling offers fair prices for a variety of scrap materials, including steel, copper, non-ferrous metals, scrap cars, heavy equipment machinery, electrical motors, appliances, and batteries. Additionally, we provide scrap vehicle, scrap bin, and scrap pick-up trucking services in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, we are committed to supporting several charitable organizations, such as Abbotsford Hospice, Adult & Teen Challenge, BC SPCA, Cyrus Centre, Joshua House, L.I.N.C. Society, and Scrap Cars Not Kids, through our Donation Team Your Choice To Donate program.

As a Corporate Scrap Metal Reclamation Partner, we serve some of the largest names in the construction industry, as well as some of the biggest vehicle fleet operators in Western Canada. We offer bins to business, commercial, and industrial customers, providing them with efficient and convenient scrap metal recycling services. We welcome any inquiries about metal recycling and offer rolling bin services for large or excessive amounts of material. Don’t let recycling be a logistical nightmare; explore our customizable offers on rentable bins by contacting us through our website or by phone. Call 604-746-2855 today to get rid of that metal scrap and play your role in efficiency and cost savings!

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