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As we near the end of 2021, you might have the most valuable metals on the market right now and you may not know it! Most of the scrap metal you have in your home can be recycled, but many people throw them in the trash, which in turn leads them to the landfill. By recycling your scrap metal, you‘ll be able to reduce your overall carbon footprint and get some extra money just in time for the holiday season! We service a wide area including Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey and Chilliwack.

Scrap Metal Trends

We take care of your scrap metal and appliance disposal all the way from trucks and cars to mixed metals, engines and transmission, industrial equipment and more. Whether you are in Langley, Surrey, or Maple Ridge Fraser is the top choice for quality recycling!

At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, we offer the fairest prices for your metal and provide experienced scrap metal recycling services in the area. There are many benefits to having your metal recycled and we’ll break down how the process works. We’ll go over which metals are more valued and which ones you can’t recycle, as we help you understand the fluctuation in metal prices.


Which Recycled Metals Are More Valuable? 

Some recycled metals are more valuable than others. For example, iron and steel are often regarded as the most common metals to sell and recycle because they have so many uses in different industries. Steel is known for its tough and durable material while the iron is equally as resilient, making them popular in recycling and helps companies avoid mining for new iron ore. It also saves a lot of coal and water from being used, as well as preventing metals from ending up in a landfill. 

Another valuable recyclable metal is aluminum. A lot of schools and businesses recycle this metal because it’s used in many products such as soda cans, electronics, and bicycles among others. It’s a very versatile metal and many scrap metal recycling services will recycle and repurpose them every year. Moreover, aluminum can be repeatedly recycled and remade into many types of products. Its versatility as a recyclable metal is because it’s more energy efficient to use than mining new metals. 

Other valuable metals you can look to recycle are copper and zinc. Copper is especially highly valued because it’s been commonly used by people for a long time – it can be found in the wiring, piping, and roofing areas of your home. In addition to its use for construction projects, copper is also utilized as a material for electronics, making them a coveted metal to sell.

Zinc is a highly valued metal because it’s used to increase the longevity of steel products by protecting them from corrosion. You can recycle zinc for an indefinite amount of time without losing any of its benefits or properties. While it’s not as environmentally efficient as the other metals, more zinc is being recycled each year, making it a gradually increasing commodity.  


What Metals Can You Not Recycle? 

Now that we’ve gone over the most valuable metals to sell to scrap metal yards, let’s unpack the metals you can’t recycle because of their low value, propensity for waste, and hazardous aspects. 

Dangerously radioactive metals such as uranium or plutonium can’t be recycled because of their limited access and use. Additionally, mercury can’t be sold because of its high toxicity level threat to public health. People have also sold products containing lead, which is a metal commonly used in electronics that are disposed of during the recycling process. 

You should also take care not to recycle contaminated cans that hold paint or motor oil. They can carry harmful toxins in them, even if you try to thoroughly clean them. Many scrap metal services will accept cans for money, but make sure you know which ones you’re selling off first. You should also keep this in mind for certain household items.  

With these things in mind, it becomes especially important to read the ever-changing value of scrap metal in the industry. 


Is the Value of Scrap Metal Rising or Falling?

The value of certain metals depends on many different circumstances and factors. A big factor is the supply and demand of the global market, with China, India, and the United States being the key players in this aspect. If there’s less demand or restrictions put in place in one country, it can affect the price of scrap metal imports and exports. 

There’s also a close correlation between oil and metal prices because of their deep connection to the supply chain. For example, the oil industry uses a lot of steel while the steel industry relies on oil to transport and process different materials. When oil prices become high, making new metals and transporting them become more expensive and vice versa. 

Another factor to consider is environmental sustainability and E-waste reduction. Some companies may want to scale back on mining new metals for their products, so they may choose to recycle valuable precious metals like aluminum, copper, and steel. How much they’re willing to buy will determine the pretty penny you’ll obtain if your scrap metal is seen as high class. 


How Well Can Fraser Valley Recycle My Metals?

At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, we take great pride in making sure your scrap metal is properly recycled and used for a better purpose. Instead of contributing more greenhouse gases by dumping them in a landfill, we’ll gladly buy your metal for a competitive and fair price and put them to great use for others.  

We value your time and will work with you to determine how much we can buy your scrap metal. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly staff!

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