Lending A Helping Hand: Why Cleaning Up Scrap Metal Around Your Farm Is Important

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Farm work requires a lot of hard work, determination, and durable equipment on a daily basis. The machines and equipment you use on your farm may break down or need replacements, creating a backlog of spare, unusable parts lying around. Instead of letting them go to waste, consider selling your old heavy machinery and spare metal parts to a metal recycling yard for some extra cash. 

At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, we’ll buy any useful scrap metal for a fair price. Any heavy machinery taking up your farm space like tractors or tow trucks can be harvested for their valuable metal parts. By relying on scrap metal recycling services, you’ll be clearing up any free space you have and getting rid of excess metal or junk responsibly. To help you start things off, we’ll go over some of the most common scrap metals you can recycle. We’ll also explain why you should call us to pick up your farm machinery and trust our team in recycling your scrap metal for a pretty penny. 

What Are Some Of The Most Common Farm Scrap Metal Items You Can Recycle?

Farming equipment back in the old days used to be so heavy and bulky to use. With modern tools now being used, these tools are now just either collecting dust in the corner or being wasted in landfills. That’s where a company like ours will step in to offer monetary compensation for older equipment containing valuable scrap metal parts. You’ll earn some money from selling them to us if they’re in good condition. Let’s go over some of the most common farming equipment and tools you can recycle and start selling. 

First, reapers and reaper blinders are a great place to start finding some spare metal parts. You can also check different types of engines in machineries such as portable engines, agricultural engines, ploughing engines, and traction engines. 

Another piece of machinery you can check for some good scrap metal parts is any old steam tractor or standard tractor equipment. Hog oilers, flails, and drag harrows should also be inspected because they may carry some metal parts that can sell for a high price. Lastly, threshing and winnowing machines should also be considered. 

Whatever old machinery or equipment you have in your inventory, you can consider stripping it down for metal parts that you can recycle and sell. Any old item has scrap metal you can potentially sell for a good price. Other items you can consider bringing in to recycle include old implements, rusted plows, combines, tractor parts, spar metal from old repairs, tubular steel, and plate steel among others. 

Call Fraser Valley Metal Recycling to come handle your heavy farm machinery! 

Why Should I Call FVMR To Come To Pick Up My Heavy Farm Machinery?

To help you sell your scrap metal, we’ll help transport the old equipment and handle weighing and dismantling it for metal parts separation. Our team can spot the valuable scrap metal that’s worth the most and help you recycle it responsibly. 

One of the biggest reasons you should call us to recycle your old equipment is that it creates more space on your property and reduces your overall liability. Get rid of bulky equipment that is only taking up your farm space and create more open areas for other projects. By getting rid of your old farm equipment and tools, they also reduce potential hazards and help you avoid libel actions for keeping junk on your land. 

Our team at Fraser Valley also encourages you to recycle scrap metal in support of the local economy and environment. It creates materials and opportunities that support local jobs and the overall economy around the area. Moreover, it’s also environmentally responsible and sustainable, helping farms to reduce their carbon footprint and significantly impact climate change. 

Why Should I Trust FVMR With My Scrap Metal?

So why should you trust us with your scrap metal? Our team is well equipped, trained, and experienced to deal with scrap metal, appliances, and equipment disposal. We accept different types of mixed metals, engines, transmissions, and industrial products for our scrap metal yard. Our dedicated staff will take the time to evaluate the condition of your scrap metal and offer the fairest prices for sale.  

Getting some money for your old scrap metal is better than having more junk lie around on your farm. Our team will respect your time and effort and help you recycle scrap metal properly every time. 

Contact Fraser Valley Metal Recycling today and bring us your old farm equipment and tools – we provide you with the fairest prices on the market!

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