Don’t Forget About Recycling Your Scrap Metal During Your Home Renovation!

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Home renovation projects can be a time-consuming commitment for a lot of people and can produce large amounts of waste. More specifically, old scrap metal found in the interior and exterior of a renovated home can often be wasted by being dumped into a landfill. This not only hurts the environment but also lowers the monetary value you could’ve sold the metal for. After a big home renovation project, consider visiting a metal recycling company to ensure your scrap metal is properly disposed of and recycled. 

We’re a metal recycling yard in Surrey that will help you ethically remove excess scrap metal around your home. We’ll provide the fairest value for your metal and can take a variety of items such as chairs, tables, electrical appliances, pipes, etc. Our company serves some of the biggest names in the construction industry and will properly recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals during your renovation project. 

Contact Fraser Valley Metal Recycling today to recycle your extra scrap metal from inside and outside your home. Start with us today!

Do you need help removing your scrap car, truck, or machinery, from your residence, farm, or business? We can make your scrap metal recycling project easier than you think!

Fraser Valley Metal Recycling delivers exemplary scrap metal recycling services in an ethical way. Always.

What Can Be Recycled During A Home Renovation?

There are many things that can be safely recycled during a home renovation project. However, there are some products containing metal that should be disposed of cautiously and treated as potential hazards. 

Regarding high-quality scrap metal, you can find a lot of discarded material in home construction or renovation projects. Some of the most common metals that can be sold for high value include steel, aluminum, and copper. Recycling these metals can be quite lucrative and you may even be able to offset some costs of your renovation project. Copper is especially valuable for its useful properties and can be found in piping and some electronics. Throwing these metals away for waste can be more costly than you expect and only increases our carbon footprint. 

Not every scrap metal is safe to dispose of or recycle with standard methods. Some electronic waste needs special methods to be properly recycled and avoid creating an environmental hazard. Our team will take the necessary steps to ensure any hazardous scrap metal material is safely disposed of. We comply with local restrictions and laws to ensure the metals don’t harm the environment, holding ourselves to the highest professional standard. 

How Can I Ethically Dispose Of My Metal During My Home Renovation?

The first step in ethically disposing of your scrap metal is to sort them out and sell them at a price later. We recommend storing them in locked-up or concealed bins to ensure no one takes your scrap metal. When you do decide to sell the metals when the market price is high, you can organize them into different metal type categories for varying monetary values. 

Different scrap metal recycling companies and dealers may pay you by the load rather than the actual value of the metal. If you sell everything in one big pack, then you might not get much money for them. If you sell metals individually, you might make more money. Even after you’ve sold, recycled, and reused some scrap metal, there may be some that a metal yard or plant won’t take. 

If that is the case, be environmentally conscious and do your research in finding scrap metal recycling yards that will take your metal no matter what. Find out what they do with the metal and how they ethically reuse or dispose of them. Doing so will not only benefit the environment but also make your renovation much easier. 

Why Is The Recycling Of Scrap Metal So Important?

Recycling metal is important because it’s usually done with an eye on the environment. Recycling scrap metal, as opposed to dumping it in waste dumps, can curb greenhouse gas emissions and limit the spread of hazardous substances. This will help keep your home renovation projects carbon neutral and the scrap metal properly recycled or reused. 

Rely on a professional team to help you recycle your extra scrap metal if you need assistance. We’ll help you properly sort out valuable scrap metals and ensure they are dealt with safely and properly. 

Contact Fraser Valley Metal Recycling today to get the best value for your extra scrap metal after a renovation. Work with our team now to start keeping metals out of waste dumps and into sustainable metal yards and plants. 

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