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One of the easiest ways you can get quick money while helping to save the environment is by recycling your old car at a metal recycling facility. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of recycling your car’s metal parts, as you can get some cash from them and avoid having it take up space on your property or a landfill. The stripped metal parts that are recycled are typically transformed and depressed into steel, which is highly valued by many manufacturers and used in many different products. 

We’re a metal recycling yard that provides car and truck recycling services for excess scrap metal. We offer the fairest price for your best automobile metal parts and will ensure they are sustainably recycled properly. Our company is also very active in charitable donations of old cars, so contact our team today to start helping the broader community and limiting waste in our environment. 

You can rely on our dedicated team to pay fair prices for your metals and treat them right, recycling each properly- every time. Whether you are in Langley, Surrey, or Maple Ridge Fraser is the top choice for quality recycling!

How Does Recycling Your Car Lower CO2 Emissions?

By recycling your car with Fraser Valley, you’re limiting the mass abundance of cars that can fill landfills and leak out toxic fluids that seep into the soil and groundwater. Reputable metal recycling yards will always make sure that car components such as gasoline, batteries, and mercury are safely removed from each vehicle before being pressed down. 

Recycled auto parts can also help save about 80 million barrels of oil annually and valuable energy used to make new cars. Manufacturing new steel takes a lot of work and energy that depletes the Earth’s natural resources and burns large amounts of coal. The toxic fumes from this production are then released as greenhouse gases into the atmosphere contributing to air pollution. By recycling your automobile, its parts can be repurposed for a variety of products and lessen the environmental impact. 

Vehicle manufacturing processes are largely responsible for the production and release of a large number of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Limiting the amount of steel and iron production can greatly impact the Earth’s environment and air quality. If everyone chose to recycle their old vehicles, billions in tonnes of greenhouse gases can be reduced. This brings us to the matter of seeing what specific car parts are more recyclable. 

What Parts Of A Car Can Be Recycled?

There are many parts of the car that can be recycled and some are more valuable than others. You can get varying prices for what they’re worth, but if they’re in great condition, you should get your money’s worth. To encourage waste reduction and limit the production of new steel, recycling these car parts, in particular, can have a huge effect on curbing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Examples of car parts you can recycle include tires, glass, batteries, rubber hoses, belts, and transmission parts among others. Carpets, wheels, setas, oil filters, radiators, and mats are also valued by some companies. Although some of these parts don’t contain metal, they are still worth keeping around in case you can recycle and sell them to someone. 

More modern cars are being built and designed with a sustainable focus. Cars that are manufactured from recyclable metals are often created with light metals that won’t contaminate the environment if fluid ever leaks out. Moreover, they can last longer and if a part is unusable, it can simply be recycled again. As car manufacturers move to a more sustainable focus, newer vehicles are being designed to be more recycling friendly, with parts made from recyclable materials. There is also more of an emphasis on not using heavy metals that can leach into the environment and contaminate it. 

Car recycling services such as Fraser Valley will help you strip off the metal parts that are valuable, before giving you cash for it. If you donate a used car to us, we’ll help you make sure it’s properly recycled and will help you deliver it as well. 

Why Should I Recycle My Car If It’s Not Worth Repairing?

Even if a car is not worth repairing, it’s still ideal to recycle your old vehicle rather than letting it go to waste in a car yard. Most scrap metal recycling facilities have the appropriate people and tools to responsibly reuse spare parts from cars. It’s good for the environment and you would be getting a good amount of cash if the parts are in great condition.

Contact Fraser Valley Metal Recycling for fair compensation for your car parts today. Call us to take full advantage of the benefits of recycling your old truck or car. 

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