Don’t Believe These Scrap Metal Myths! Contact Our Metal Recycling Yard Near Surrey BC Instead!

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Believe it or not, scrap metal can be pretty valuable and sold at a high price. It can provide people with many benefits, including giving some extra money and curbing waste and carbon production. Some of the most valued and finite scrap metals include copper, steel, aluminum, brass, and iron among others. Sadly, these materials are often sent to the dump instead due to a lack of knowledge or limited recyclable resources. 

There are many scrap metal recycling myths that are simply not true. At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, we’ll help debunk some of these myths and explain how some of your extra scrap metal can be organized and sold for a good price. We’re a reputable metal recycling yard near Surrey BC, so contact us today if you have scrap metal you would like to safely recycle. We offer fair prices for any material containing precious scrap metal. 

You can rely on our dedicated team to pay fair prices for your metals and treat them right, recycling each properly- every time. Whether you are in Langley, Surrey, or Maple Ridge Fraser is the top choice for quality recycling!

What Are Some Scrap Metal Recycling Myths?

There are many scrap metal recycling myths and disinformation that need to be debunked, in order to fully understand the benefits of selling them. 

The first myth is that selling bigger scrap metal items is always better. While an oversized piece of steel can be valuable to some, it can also drive down the selling price. Scrap metal recycling yards would prefer if steel or other metals are cut down into certain sizes so they can safely go through the shredders. If possible, prepare your scrap metal material yourself and cut it down to specific dimensions to get the most money out of selling it. 

Another myth is the misconception that you’ll be able to get a lot of money for precious metals in electronics. While certain appliances contain metals like gold or platinum, you won’t always fetch a high price for them, especially for older electronics. Moreover, you’ll only be able to extract smaller pieces of them, which may not be worth your time and effort. 

Contrary to popular belief, separating scrap metal from your trash is very important. If it’s not done, your scrap metal will end up in a landfill, where it’ll decompose slowly and leak out dangerous chemicals into the surrounding water and soil. It not only contributes to overcrowded landfills but creates the need to mine more metals, which increases our carbon footprint. 

Another myth is that recycling isn’t an economical venture and uses more energy than making new metals. That is false because recycling metal is way more cost-effective than mining and processing new precious metals. By recycling your scrap metal, you’ll also be helping the local economy create and support jobs in the recycling industry, helping many businesses save money and increase their profit margins in the scrap metal industry. Scrap metal recycling can help you save up to 95% of energy compared to using raw materials and can curb your overall waste production. 

One last myth to debunk is that there is no demand for valuable scrap metal. Quite the opposite actually, as more businesses have transitioned to using recycled materials in the production of their newest products. There is a benefit to being more eco-conscious and reducing the production of mining will greatly reduce carbon emissions. Companies know that and are demanding more recycled scrap metal from recycling yards. 

What Kind Of Scrap Metal Is Worth The Most?

With all these myths debunked, what is the most valuable scrap metal on the market? Before you go out to sell your extra scrap metal, you should do your research and find out how much you can be expected to be paid for it.  

According to many industry standards and the average price of metals, copper is worth the most, by far. This is because high-grade copper can be moulded and used for a variety of applications. If you have high-quality copper available, you can expect to be paid around $2.85 a pound. Any lower-grade copper will net you around a quarter per pound. 

Other scrap metals like aluminum can be worth up to 65 cents a pound and brass for around $1.44 a pound. It’s important to remember that the price of various scrap metals is always changing and different recycling yards will offer different prices. Sorting out your scrap metal can make it easier for yards to offer high prices for them as well. 

Should I Sort My Metals?

Yes, you should absolutely sort out your scrap metal materials.  Different types of metal have different monetary values when they’re sold off as recyclable material. For example, ferrous and non-ferrous metals should be separated because one contains iron and one does not. Non-ferrous metals are generally valued more than ferrous materials, leading to higher sales. 

The more accurate and thorough your sorting is, the more money you can get from your scrap metal recycling. Once you have organized your materials, cleaned them up, and followed specific regulations, you’ll be able to safely recycle your scrap metal and sell it off for a good price. 

Contact Fraser Valley Metal Recycling today if you have extra scrap metal lying around and want to sell it for a nice profit. Work with us now to safely and properly recycle your metal materials in our recycling yards. 

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