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Precious metals and resources like aluminum are heavily used in vehicle manufacturing and can even be found in various construction materials. Scrap metal recycling can be a limitless and lucrative venture, so start searching through your old car parts for useful parts. Fraser Valley Metal Recycling (FVMR) offers all scrap metal recycling services to meet your needs.

One area precious metals are often utilized and installed frequently in automobile vehicles. If you’re looking to recycle any excess scrap metal from your old car for a profit, there are services that will gladly take them. Very often, metals like aluminum are used as car or truck vehicle parts before they reach the landfill. There is a demand for these types of metals because of how malleable they are and how much money they can save companies. 

Corporate Scrap Metal Reclamation Partner, Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, serves some of the biggest names in the construction industry. We also serve some of the biggest vehicle fleet operators in Western Canada.

We take care of your appliance disposal, non-ferrous metals recycling, scrap metal recycling, and more at our recycling yard near Langley and Surrey. Trust your metals with our dedicated and experienced team!

What Are The Most Valuable Car Parts That You Can Recycle?

Some car parts are more valuable and worth selling than others. This can depend on the buyer, but many of the parts we describe below can net you a high profit because of how much metals can be harvested from them. 

Catalytic Converters

A vehicle’s catalytic converter is a very valuable vehicle part that you can sell for a lot of money.  They retain very precious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium in their components, which can then be repurposed for a variety of applications. These metals are always in high demand because of their unique properties. Whenever an entire truck or car is recycled, the catalytic converter is always saved and recycled to help you land a nice profit from the part.

Car Batteries

Car batteries are an easier option to consider when looking for scrap metal because they’re easily removable and reinstallation can be simple. Their heavyweight and metal properties are heavy enough to reward you with a good amount of profit. Because of this, they should be recycled properly instead of dumping them in a landfill. If car batteries are trashed, it can cause considerable amounts of health and environmental concerns. 

Wheels and Rims

While the actual rubber car tires can be recycled as well, the real profit is in the vehicle’s wheels and rims. This is because valuable metals like aluminum can be easily found and harvested for scrap metal in them. They can weigh up to 25 points and can fetch you a hefty price, depending on the amount of aluminum in them. They’re easy to collect and sort, but buyers will regularly accept cleaner materials for higher prices. 

Vehicular Shells and Frames

If you’re looking for scrap metal for your vehicle or truck, the sheet metal in a car’s shell is very valuable. These items can net someone as much as $300.00 depending on their condition and how much you have. 

Precious metals like aluminum can also be found in areas like the front grill of a car or under its hood. Make sure to remove any plastic or rubber covering before bringing your materials to us to get the highest profit from your sale. This prevents contamination and mixing of different metal properties together. 

Cleaning metal materials can take a considerable amount of time and effort, so be sure to make sure it’s cleaned properly to make it worth your while. Precious metals often get priced and sold by weight, but their prices can often fluctuate due to a variety of factors. Let’s explore how much scrap metal parts are worth on the market. 

How Much Are My Scrap Parts Worth?

The price of scrap metal can fluctuate daily and that’s not including the discretion of the buyer/company, the metals’ condition, and the type of metal being sold. Scrap metal is a commodity whose prices vary depending on worldwide supply and demand. The price set for them in the global markets will always filter down to the local market, affecting how much a company can offer you. 

Some precious metals to consider selling and recycling because of their net worth include copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and platinum among others. Copper is a quality material that can land you a nice profit and can often be found in some cars and electronics. Additionally, aluminum and stainless steels are always in demand and are well-priced. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that non-ferrous metals are more valuable than regular metals because of their flexible properties. With the right quantity of metals with excellent quality, collecting and recycling your scrap metal can be a worthwhile effort.

How Does FVMR Help Make The Truck Recycling Process Easy?

Our team at Fraser Valley Metal Recycling will offer the best and fairest prices for your scrap metal on the market. We’ll help you explore the best metals to sell to us and help you clean them up if necessary. Our staff is very knowledgeable about truck and car metal parts, so they’ll be able to offer the highest prices for anything that catches their interest. 

Contact Fraser Valley Metal Recycling to recycle your scrap metal and get a great cash sum back in return!

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