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Copper is a very useful and malleable type of metal that is used in almost everything, from electrical wiring, cobber plumbing, and various household appliances. It’s also a rare natural resource that is highly coveted by metal recycling yards because of its ability to conduct electricity and mould into different shapes. Copper can also be easily used for recycling and remanufacturing purposes, without the need for mining metal ores on the Earth. Its profound and long-lasting effects extend to helping you avoid dumping copper products into landfills, creating more waste. 

That’s where a scrap metal recycling company like Fraser Valley can step in and help. Our team offers services related to ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling, as well as truck recycling for specific roles. We believe that copper is a valuable precious metal and will pay a fairly high price for materials that contain it. 

Do you need help removing your scrap car, truck, or machinery, from your residence, farm, or business? We can make your scrap metal recycling project easier than you think. Fraser Valley Metal Recycling delivers exemplary scrap metal recycling services in an ethical way. Always. Expect honesty and fairness from every person, on every deal at Fraser Valley Metal Recycling. Period.

Why is Recycling Copper Important?

Besides being beneficial to the environment, recycling copper can be an important asset for adding more revenue. Scrap copper metal products and materials are always valued highly on the open market, especially if they’re in great condition. This is because of their flexible properties and ability to conduct electricity faster than other metals. It’s also easily accessible in large quantities such as in wiring, pipes, and electronics. If you have scrap copper that is free of plastic, insulation, or other contaminants, then you can negotiate a fairly high priced sale for them 

Copper recycling is also important to the local economies near your area because it creates jobs throughout the metal recycling chain. Scrap metal recycling companies like ours need people to hire for collecting the metals and putting them through the physical recycling process for reuse. For many residential homeowners around us, we can help you generate easy cash for your copper metals as opposed to letting them waste in the trash. This can be beneficial for local building and construction companies looking for more cash, as their services can generate high volumes of quality scrap copper metal. 

If you’re looking for quality copper metal to sell, check all your sources within your home. They can be present in not only wiring and pipes, but also in television, monitors, hard drives, computers, and other electronic devices. You can also check dishwashers, fridges, and dryers for quality copper wiring. 

What are the Environmental Benefits of Recycling Copper?

Scrap copper recycling is an environmentally sustainable venture that keeps excess waste from landfills and reduces carbon emissions. Additionally, it’s very durable and can be reprocessed and manufactured over and over again for any purpose. Copper is a malleable material because it can be melted and formed into a new product at lower costs than creating it from raw materials. As such, it reduces the demand to backfill landfills with excess waste because of its strong integrity during the recycling process. 

Recycling copper also produces far less energy and carbon dioxide compared to mining virgin ore. Such processes often emit large amounts of greenhouse gasses that can be trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. The recycling process for copper uses around 10-15% less energy than mining for new copper at the source. Copper is also a rare precious metal that should be preserved, along with the world’s supply of fossil fuels. 

Copper is an important element to leave for the Earth’s plant and animal health. Keeping it in its natural state not only reduces your need to mine for more but also limits your energy consumption. Only 12% of known copper reserves have been mined and used so far, but recycling such material can make it last for a long time. 

How Does Copper Recycling Reduce the Amount of Scrap That Ends Up In Landfills?

As we mentioned previously, recycling copper can keep excess metals from being treated as landfill waste. Common dumping areas are constantly being filled up and valuable metals are wasted when they can be sold at a good price. By recycling your copper, you can reduce any harmful waste that’s thrown away and avoid any harmful substances emitted from the ore mining process. 

Harmful gasses such as sulfur dioxide are often generated from mining copper, which can lead to acid rain and deforestation. With scrap metal recycling, it creates less demand for mining materials like copper because they can be repurposed many times. 

At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, we’ll take the first step in reducing scrap metal that’s wasted and dumped into landfills by offering the best prices for your materials. Bring us your copper now to our site so that we can inspect and provide a fair value for your time and effort. 

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