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When your car reaches the end of its life, there’s still plenty of good things it can still do – your junk car can help someone in need through a charitable donation.

We specialize in truck recycling in Abbotsford, where we work with numerous reputable charities that benefit the community. We have over 40 years in the auto recycling industry, and collaborating with charities across BC, we continually support local fundraising efforts and the development of our communities.

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You might have contacted us in the past for your appliance disposal in Abbotsford, or this may be your first time donating your scrap metal. Whatever your case may be, we are always available to assist you. In addition to donating your car and helping the fundraising charity of your choice, you are also taking an essential approach to protecting the environment and receiving a large portion back on your tax return.


Why should you donate your car?

When you choose to donate your car to one of the charities of your choice, we will pick it up for free! Additionally, you will receive a great tax donation at the end of the year that can act as a bonus for your kind gesture.

Cars aren’t the only vehicles that can be donated with Fraser Valley Metal Recycling – we also accept old motorcycles, RV’s and all types of vehicles. If you have been debating getting rid of your old vehicle, it’s time to consider donating your items and free up important space in your garage, lawn or driveway!

Even if your car may not be re-sold at an auction, we are grateful when you choose to donate to a charity rather than selling it as we can happily recycle the parts and steel pieces for money. Don’t hesitate on donating your car today, and take advantage of the numerous benefits when you choose Fraser Valley Metal Recycling.

In addition to mining sources being saved through metal recycling, the vehicle recycling industry is reducing the consumption of an estimated 85 million barrels of oil every year! With approximately 10 million cars getting recycled every year, scrap metal recycling has a profound impact on the environment and the economy.


What condition does my car need to be in?

Approximately 65% of the average car is composed of recyclable steel and iron.

In most cases, it does not matter whether your car runs or not. In fact, if your car has dents rust damage, mechanical problems or will not start anymore, donating your vehicle is a great option! Getting rid of your old car will allow you to free up valuable space around your home and give you increased space if you choose to buy a new car. 


How do I donate my vehicle?

If a car donation sounds like the perfect option to get rid of your junk car, or any other vehicle, the process is simple. We can help you with any of your questions regarding your donation, set up a convenient time for pick-up and send you a tax-deductible receipt via mail. 


Donate Your Junk Vehicle and Get a Large Tax Deduction in 2022 – Truck Recycling in Abbotsford

By choosing to donate your car, you are making it possible for charities to fund their charitable programs and support ongoing volunteer efforts. We want to thank you for choosing us to donate your vehicle, and creating numerous positive differences in the lives of others while preserving the environment.

Click here to directly contact Lori King who will help you get started and specify all the details and processes.

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