Everything You Need to Know About Scrapping Electronic Waste | Ethical Metal Recycling in BC

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There are no downsides to recycling. Cell phones, laptops, computers, and other electronics are all welcome at our appliance disposal in Abbotsford and with the convenience of our scrap metal pick up, much of the waste is being diverted from landfills and effectively recycled. While we at Fraser Valley Metal Recycling also participate in truck recycling in Abbotsford, we want to continually educate our clients on the plethora of options when it comes to metal recycling.

While Canada is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world, there are always ways to protect our environment while ethically reducing our carbon footprint. So what can you do with old electronics? Let’s find out!


What is the process of recycling e-waste?

You’ve heard of the three R’s of recycling (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle), but have you heard of the three S’s of electronic waste removal? Metal appliances and materials must be processed accordingly in order to ensure that they can be transformed into new products without affecting the environment. The first S refers to Shredding, which is the initial shredding process, where appliances are shredded to as little as 100mm pieces.

The second S refers to Sorting, where a powerful magnet separates iron and steel from the waste stream on a large conveyor belt – the separated steel materials are then prepared for sale as recycled steel materials. 

Further mechanical processing leads us into the final S, Separation. This process separates aluminum, copper, and circuit boards from the material stream which is now mostly plastic. Then, water separation technology is used to separate all the glass from plastics, with a visual inspection and hand sorting to improve the quality of the extracted materials.

The process is tied together with the separated streams ready for sale as recycled commodity materials.


What are the benefits of recycling electronic components?

Aside from your electrical appliances not ending up in the landfill and polluting the environment, there are numerous benefits to recycling your old electronics – for that reason, placing old electronics in general waste bins is highly discouraged. Here are just some of the positive changes you will be implemented by calling Fraser Valley Metal Recycling:

  • Supports non-renewable recycling which means that there will be no need to produce items out of limited resources. Plus, there will be less need for mining and processing non-sustainable energy resources that can negatively impact the environment.
  • It’s an easy and simple process. You can always count on us to pick up your electronic waste and recycle it accordingly, without taking a hassle out of your day.
  • Metal recycling decreases the amount of Mercury in the Earth’s waterways. Most electronic products will have elements that can leak into the environment, whereas properly disposing of them will eliminate their chance of infiltrating important water and soil resources. 


Can I recycle broken appliances?

If your small domestic appliance is no longer functioning properly, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can dispose of it without the appliance ending up in a landfill!

First, you have to ensure that you ensure that your appliance is eligible for metal recycling. If the appliance has a plug, uses batteries, needs charging to function, or has a picture of a recycling bin on it, it can be recycled!


Recycle your electronics today and experience a better tomorrow! | Ethical Appliance Disposal in Abbotsford

It’s vital to recycle broken electrical appliances to avoid negatively impacting the environment. In the long run, you will be compensated fairly for your metal appliances while having the peace of mind that your carbon footprint is low. 

At our metal recycling yard in Abbotsford, we take care of your scrap metal and appliance disposal all the way from trucks and cars to mixed metals, engines and transmission, industrial equipment and more. You can rely on our dedicated team to pay fair prices for your metals and treat them right, recycling each properly- every time. Whether you are in Langley, Surrey, or Maple Ridge Fraser is the top choice for quality recycling!

If you are unsure about your household electrical appliances being recycled, you can always give us a call or contact us and we can answer your questions!


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