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Ocean pollution has become one of the greatest threats to ocean health worldwide. It’s time to change that with one scrap metal at a time with Fraser Valley Metal Recycling.

Don’t let your scrap metal sink to the bottom of the ocean – make money for them instead! If you’re wondering how to dispose of your old scrap metal, including electrical motors, batteries and non-ferrous metals, Fraser Valley can help you out! 

Recycling scrap metal has become a more prominent voice in preserving the environment. Improperly getting rid of scrap metal accumulates in landfills, pollutes the air and hinders ocean life from thriving. We want to change the way scrap metal is disposed of and help the ocean stay clean for future generations. 


How is Metal Recycling Good for the Environment, and How Can I Help?

When you think about recycling, the first thing that probably comes to mind is plastic, and that’s great! Surprisingly, many people forget about metal recycling as it’s not as popular as yogurt containers or egg boxes. We want to increase the education of metal recycling while helping you earn money.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you with any questions you may have about starting your journey with scrap metal recycling and can guide you through the process. It’s time to safely dispose of your unused metal appliances and equipment while getting paid and saving the planet!

There are numerous advantageous benefits to recycling scrap metal including:

  • Saving 75% on your energy bills when using recycled metal instead of natural resources
  • Slowing down polar ice caps melting
  • Cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Recycled metal uses less energy than smelting virgin ore to create new metals
  • Preserving the environment for future generations


How Does Scrap Metal Recycling Save the Ocean?

Reduces Visual Pollution
One of the reasons that improper metal scrap recycling can harm the ocean environment is that it can pollute beautiful beaches, coastline and dive sites worldwide. Visual pollution doesn’t just destroy the essence of a place, it also destroys the homes of wildlife that may never return.

Less Need for Landfills
If we were to recycle all pieces of scrap metal that we could, rather than wasting it or loitering, there would be less need for landfill sites. Not only do landfill sites produce the largest sources of chemical and visual pollution, but they also increase Greenhouse Gas emissions that affect water vapour and decrease the quality of water levels in oceans.

Saves Natural Ocean Habitats
There are few processes as damaging to the environment as the process of mining. To create a mine site, you inadvertently destroy surrounding homes of nearby organisms – the risk of water contamination is drastically increased. Through recycling scrap metal, there is less need to rely on natural resources like mining, helping protect the valuable ocean and land habitats.

Avoiding Toxic Leaks
Scrap metal that is part of scrap metal waste can cause irreversible problems if it’s not disposed of properly. For example, choosing to throw away your laptop from two decades ago will end up in a landfill, which over time, causes toxic leakage into the soil and water. 

Reduced Chemical Pollution in the Ocean
The amount of transport requirements is drastically reduced when using recycled scrap metal. There is no need to import valuable natural resources from foreign countries via boat, resulting in reduced fuel consumption that is leaked into the atmosphere and the ocean.


The Tide is Turning on Scrap Metal Recycling | Be a Part of The Positive Revolution with Fraser Valley Metal Recycling

The tide is beginning to turn with scrap metal recycling. Be a part of a large revolution to save the planet and preserve ocean life and call us to help you dispose of your old car, unused metal equipment or any other metal products that you no longer use. 

Feel good about making money while saving the planet and preserving ocean life! Call us today!

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