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Recycling a single aluminum can result in enough energy being saved to power a 60-watt bulb for 4 hours. 

Scrap metal recycling is seeing drastic growth in Canada due to ongoing environmental changes. At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling in Abbotsford, we are at the forefront of reducing the carbon footprint by removing your scrap car, truck and machinery from your residence, farm or business. 

Metal Recycling

We can help you sort out your ferrous and non-ferrous materials so that your metal products can be disposed of properly and don’t reduce landfill use. You get maximum value for your scrap metal while feeling good about doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint.


How Fraser Valley Can Help You and the Environment

While recycling plastic bottles and newspapers is prevalent in today’s society, scrap metal recycling is not as popular but just as important. Metal recycling contributes to improving climate change by reducing waste, diminishing landfill usage and preserving natural resources. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint while getting compensated for your unused metal products. 

Fraser Valley Metal Recycling provides Vancouver Lower Mainland services that align with the core of our company in sustaining the environment. Our range of services include:

  • Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Materials: steel, copper, heavy equipment machinery, scrap cars, electrical motors and tin.
  • Supporting Charitable Organizations: We believe that our services assist in creating a sustainable future for upcoming generations. Worthy charities that we are proud to work with include Adult & Teen Challenge, Scrap Cars Not Kids and Joshua House, amongst many.
  • Catalytic Converters: We work with some of the most reputable construction companies within Western Canada to deliver commercial, residential, and industrial customer solutions. 


5 Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

Environmental Advantages: A wide range of metals have the ability to retain their properties through the recycling process, making it is a sustainable resource. Metal recycling conserves natural resources resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. 

According to the National Institute of Health, using scrap metal generates 97% less mining waste and utilizes 40% less water usage.

Earn Money: By recycling your scrap metal with us, you’ll be able to be fairly compensated for your products. We welcome any quantity of metals, from those in the automotive industry to homeowners looking to earn money for unused metal. 

Preserving Resources: Scrap metal recycling enables the manufacturing of products without depriving the Earth’s resources. Scrap metal is a reusable resource that will never be depleted and conserve valuable natural sources.

Maintaining Energy Conservation: It requires less energy and materials to process recycled metal instead of creating and giving shape to new metal. The amount of energy saved using recycled metal can be broken down into:

  • 92% for aluminum,
  • 90% for copper,
  • 56% for steel.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Manufacturing products out of new metal drastically increase greenhouse gas emissions produced. These emissions harm environmental changes and release harmful substances into the air. 

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), recycling metal can reduce the number of greenhouse gas emissions by 300 to 500 million tons.


Determining If You Have a Ferrous or a Non-Ferrous Metal

Separating the two types of metal is your first step in determining if you have a recyclable material. The major sign that you have a ferrous material (steel, carbon steel, and alloy) is that it contains iron. Non-ferrous materials (copper, zinc and tin) are typically rarer than their ferrous counterparts and are worth more.

Lucky for you, we take both types of metals! Have a stress-free experience while you get compensated.


How We Do Our Part in Canadian Economic Growth

At Fraser Valley Metal Recycling, we offer recycling solutions for your home, business or industrial facility.

Our ambition is instilled in helping local communities through fundraising efforts. We offer honest experiences for the donor and support their choice to donate through metal recycling. Fraser Valley allows eligible charities to use resources for the empowerment of Canadians.

Recycling metal creates 36 times more jobs than sending the same amount of metal to the incinerator. Recycled scrap metal contributes to supplying mills and factories with metal, with Canada being the frontrunner of this sustainable movement. We, in fact, are the second-leading country in scrap metal imports to accelerate us into creating more renewable energy sources.

We take care of your scrap metal and appliance disposal all the way from trucks and cars to mixed metals, engines and transmission, industrial equipment and more. You can rely on our dedicated team to pay fair prices for your metals and treat them right, recycling each properly- every time.

Canadian scrap metal recyclers process 18 million tonnes of scrap metal annually.


Maximize Money For Your Metals | Call Fraser Valley Metal Recycling in Abbotsford Today!

We are dedicated to helping you remove your scrap material safely, giving you the maximum value for your metal and providing you with friendly and knowledgeable service.

Choose us for your scrap metal needs. We help you make money while reducing your carbon footprint. Call us today for a better tomorrow!

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