5 Valuable Household Metals Ranked: How You Can Profit & Save the Environment

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Scrap metal is a valuable resource to sell to different companies because of its inherent value and use. The pieces can fluctuate, but certain metals can fetch some consistent prices if sold to the right buyer. You’ll not only be getting some good money to buy whatever you need, but you’ll also be helping the environment by cutting down on used waste. As a reputable business offering scrap metal recycling services in Langley, we’ll break down the five most valuable household metals on the marketplace right now. 

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We’re a ferrous metals recycling yard in Langley that has years of experience and knowledge in recycling scrap metal around your home. If you have non-functioning appliances or parts around your home that you no longer need, you can have them recycled instead of dumping them in a waste pile. You can also make good money selling excess scrap metal around your home and we can help you begin your journey in reducing your carbon footprint today!

At our metal recycling yard in Abbotsford, we take care of your scrap metal and appliance disposal all the way from trucks and cars to mixed metals, engines and transmission, industrial equipment and more. You can rely on our dedicated team to pay fair prices for your metals and treat them right, recycling each properly- every time. Whether you are in Langley, Surrey, or Maple Ridge Fraser is the top choice for quality recycling!

Some common household items you can grab these valuable metals from include, but are not limited to roofing irons, electrical appliances (i.e microwaves, toasters, AC units), computers, motors, fences and gates, furniture, BBQs, electric cord and cables, and so many more items that you may think are disposable. 

So which scrap metals are the most valuable? We provide some insightful details down below: 


  1. Iron

Iron, or more specifically cast iron, is a metal that’s usually found in your typical pots and pans. It can also be found in old bathtubs, radiators, and boilers if you look carefully. Cast iron is the heaviest metal on this list and it brings some inherent value for it as scrap metal and we offer fair prices for the element. The total price per pound may add up to make your stockpile more valuable in exchange for bringing this heavy metal to the scrap yard. 


  1. Steel

Steel, or stainless steel in particular, is a special kind of metal that combines steel and chromium. It’s considered a valuable scrap metal because of its resistance and durability to rust in contrast to other iron or steel-based metals. They can fetch a good price and can be found in kitchen appliances, sinks, washers, dryers, and other electrical fixtures around your home. Steel has a very chic sheen and can be a very strong metal to use in a variety of ways. 


  1. Aluminum 

Aluminum is a readily available metal that may not grab a good price per pound but is very lucrative and accessible to sell. Its non-ferrous nature makes it resistant to rust, so the pricing won’t be too affected. It’s also a versatile scrap metal that can be found in cans, gutters, window frames, and downspouts among others. 

Aluminum recycling requires less energy than creating new aluminum from scratch. While it can be sold at a high-profit margin, recyclers are also willing to pay more because it keeps the supply flow going. A lot of modern products are created with aluminum, further pushing the demand for aluminum. Overall, scrap metal yards like ours will pay a pretty penny to keep a steady supply of aluminum. 


  1. Brass

Brass is most commonly found in your home’s piping system and is the second most valuable scrap metal on this list. Although it’s not considered a precious metal, many scrap yards consider it valuable and will pay a great price for them. This is because it’s not as widely available as other metals like steel and iron. It’s also cheaper to recycle than other metals and its yellow sheen and rust-resistant surface make it a valuable scrap metal. Brass can be found on doorknobs, bed frames, pins, bolts, faucets, and handrails among others. 


  1. Copper

Copper is king and the most valuable scrap metal on our list. It always has a consistently high value as scrap metal and can gain you between $2-$4 per pound. Of course, the better grade and condition your copper is in, the higher price you’ll be able to sell it for. It’s a very versatile and high-volume type of metal that attracts the attention of many scrap yards. 

You can usually find copper in your home’s plumbing and wiring systems, as well as different phone cords, power cords, and computer cables. You can also scavenge copper in certain kettles and pots. Copper is also known for its lustrous sheen and is often used in picture frames and home decorations. When you go to sell them, make sure your copper is pure and clean by removing any excess insulation or covers. 


Have extra scrap metal you’d like to unload and sell? Don’t waste them away in a landfill! Call us now at (604)-746-2855 or contact us HERE if you have any questions about our services. 

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