Organize Your Extra Scrap Metal With Sturdy Industrial Roll-Off Bins

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If you have been running a big construction project, chances are that you have a lot of excess debris, rubble, and scrap metal lying around in the aftermath. Specific types of scrap metal in great condition can be worth a lot of money when sold to a metal recycling company. The market for scrap metal can fluctuate, depending on which manufacturers need good quality metals to recycle and make new products. As such, it’s important to organize and keep all your important scrap metals in one place. 

At Fraser Metal Recycling, we’re a metal recycling yard that provides sturdy Industrial Roll-Off Bins for scrap metal, appliances, and other non-ferrous metal materials. We provide discreet recycling and fair sales of various ferrous and non-ferrous metals that come from building demolition materials, machinery, trucks, shipping containers, and other industrial areas. Our company also works with local charities and fundraisers to ensure we involve ourselves in the local community. 

Industrial roll-off bins are a very useful tool to have if you’re in charge of a massive construction project. Not only does it help you organize scrap metal and other material together, it also mitigates your environmental impact. Here’s what you need to know about these bins and how they can best serve your interests. 

What Are Industrial Roll-Off Bins? 

Industrial roll-off bins are essentially large dumpsters that can fit a wide variety of materials in them. In addition to storing scrap metal, they are often utilized in big construction projects to store general waste, construction debris, renovation material, drywall, wood materials, and  insulation, among others. Roll-off bins can be delivered and organized separately to store different types of metals in orderly piles. 

How these industrial roll-off bins are used begins with our delivery of them before you fill it up for your project. Afterwards, when the bin is all full, we will take it away and put it through a sorting process for recycling and diverting materials from landfill. Having scrap metals in these roll-off bins are really helpful because they can help us organize the material during the recycling process, giving us more time to clean the metals or sort them in the right categories. 

How Can Industrial Roll-Off Bins Be Used For Scrap Metal? 

Scrap metals need to be organized in a way that it isn’t tainted by other construction waste or debris. Ensuring scrap metals are in the right industrial roll-off bins is an important part of the overall waste removal process. These bins can also be used to segregate different metals and serve as lugger containers for their smooth recycling and transportation to various places. 

We recognize that the needs of every customer are different and can utilize a diverse set of industrial roll-off bins that meet your project’s purpose. We will work with you to accommodate and ensure a quick turnaround for the transportation of these bins for high demand jobs. The timelines for each delivery largely depends on the duration of your project. Bins can be placed for a single day, week, or for a continual amount of time. Our team will make sure you have plenty of time to organize your scrap metal accordingly. 

Scrap metals can be found in almost any construction project and our industrial roll-off bins can benefit many different projects in numerous locations. Examples include demolitions sites, residential and commercial construction sites, landscaping companies, roofing companies, and much more. 

You won’t have to worry about disorganization and disarray of your scrap metal when you put them in an industrial roll-off bin. Afterwards, you can present them to a metal recycling yard like ourselves for a fair appraisal and high sales. 

Where Can I Get An Industrial Roll-Off Bin? 

Industrial roll-off bins are available for a variety of small or large businesses within the commercial or industrial work categories. You can purchase your own roll-off bins for in-house construction projects or rent them out from a metal recycling service. We recommend doing the latter because it can be more cost-effective and you won’t need to store a large bin near your area. 

Our roll-off bins are available for a limited amount of time, unless you have any ongoing multiple scrap metal loads. The bins are available in 12 yard, 20 yard, and 30 yard sizes. We also have shop bins for scrap metal available in 4×8, 4×6, and 4×4 sizes. Businesses will need to have a forklift to unload and load bins accordingly. 

Contact Fraser Metal Recycling at 604-746-2855 for further details on how to get your own Industrial Roll-Off Bins to organize your excess scrap metal. You can also ask us about the bin placement and our pickup fees associated with the job.

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